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Daily we are generating more data than ever before, in this wealth of data lies insights that will change the world in unimaginable ways. The 4-year B.Tech program in Data Science will give tools and skills to analyze data and draw deeper insights; thus, make better evidence-based business decisions.
The Data Science degree offers courses that span across computer science, AI/machine learning, mathematics/statistics, modeling skills, domain knowledge and more. The Data Science degree will prepare students to stand out in one of the worlds fastest-growing careers.
Data science is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from many structural and unstructured data. Data science is related to data mining, machine learning and big data.
Learn Data Science to enhance skills as it continues to have a major impact on todays world.
Graduates of B.Tech in CSE (Data Science) will be well-prepared to work across many sectors, including medicine, finance, robotics, and business intelligence.
Career opportunities include
o Business Intelligence Analyst
o Data Mining Engineer
o Data Architect / Engineer
o Data Scientist
Popular employers: Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, Accenture, Ernst & Young, TCS, JP Morgan, Citigroup

To emerge as the center of quality education in Computer Science with a specialization in Data Science for producing competent engineers to serve the society.


To impart quality education through innovative teaching and learning methods
To train the students as analyst in Data Science
To inculcate ethical and social values among the students for improving their living standards
To impart knowledge on the latest technologies as per the needs of the industry


2021-2022 faculty list
2022-2023 faculty list


Name of the Faculty



Date of Joining


Dr. E. Nageswara Rao

Associate Professor

M.Tech., Ph.D



Mr. R.R. Tagore

Assistant Professor

MCA., M.Tech.



Mrs. R.P.Rajya Lakshmi

Assistant Professor

B.Tech., M.Tech.



Mr. Y.V. Narayana Reddy

Assistant Professor




Mrs. S. Harathi

Assistant Professor




Mrs. P.Venkata Rajitha

Assistant Professor



Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEO1: Graduates will be able to showcase their attitude in solving real-time engineeringproblemsby using cutting edgetechnologies.
PEO2: Graduates will be able to succeed in the areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering and other diverse fields by updating themselves to the advanced techniques through lifelong learning skills.
PEO3:Graduates will be able to establish a definite caliber in various interpersonal skills to facilitate excellent expression of their ideas and knowledge.
PEO4:Graduates will be able to develop an all-round personality which abides by superior social and ethical standards to add maximum value to the society.
Course Outcomes

Programme Specific Outcomes

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

PSO 1: Analyze real time problems and provide solutions in the field of advanced Communications, signal and image processing applications..
PSO2: Analyze and develop the components of a system or sub-system using the concepts of embedded Systems and VLSI technology.
Department Activities

Activities for the Academic year 2015-16
The Department of Commerce believes not only in Academic standards but also in imparting the relevant skills to prepare students for employment opportunities, entrepreneurial abilities and vocational skills. In this direction, VGDC organised two Certificate Courses titled as “Vocational Skill Building on SELLING SKILLS” and “Vocational Skill Building programme on Office Administration” in collaboration with the ICICI Academy for skills for a period of 3 months during January,2016 to March, 2016. In this skill development programme, 44 students of B.Com were trained by honing their skills.

Activities for the Academic year 2016-17

Certificate Course in Thread Jewellery (17th –21st January 2017

Orientation Programe usage of Smart Phones in learning communication skills

Course Outcomes:

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Syallabus 2019


CSE-DS R20 syllabus