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Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (AIDS) is the science and technology of manufacturing intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. AIDS is an interdisciplinary field of science, engineering and technology that creates a complete ecosystem and is widely used in almost all areas of technical industry, academia and research. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are the future of technology, which is changing the world very quickly. The main objective of this course is to train students in the next era of machine-generated intelligence and analytics that will affect people's lives to improve efficiency and empower people, influencing consumer products, achieving significant breakthroughs in healthcare, manufacturing, finance and retail.

Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science started A.Y. 2021-22 with an intake capacity of 60 and it had extended to 90 in the A.Y 2023-24. The aims and objective of the branch is to develop a basic understanding of problem solving, knowledge representation, reasoning and learning methods of Artificial Intelligence. This course enables students to develop their skills in performing intelligent data analysis, which is a key part of an emerging career in data science in IT. Most artificial intelligence involves machine learning, which teaches computer systems to understand and imitate human behaviour by looking for patterns in data. Machine learning is the link that connects data science and artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is a tool that helps data scientists get results and solutions to specific problems. The department focuses on the research, design and development of new generation cutting-edge technologies in the field of artificial intelligence and data Analytics.

The Institute has well-equipped laboratories in the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. Well-structured classrooms and well-configured computer systems are provided for students to conduct laboratory experiments. The department is spread with highly qualified and experienced faculty members with areas of specialization who guide students for academic success.


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Department Activities

Activities for the Academic year 2015-16
The Department of Commerce believes not only in Academic standards but also in imparting the relevant skills to prepare students for employment opportunities, entrepreneurial abilities and vocational skills. In this direction, VGDC organised two Certificate Courses titled as “Vocational Skill Building on SELLING SKILLS” and “Vocational Skill Building programme on Office Administration” in collaboration with the ICICI Academy for skills for a period of 3 months during January,2016 to March, 2016. In this skill development programme, 44 students of B.Com were trained by honing their skills.

Activities for the Academic year 2016-17

Certificate Course in Thread Jewellery (17th –21st January 2017

Orientation Programe usage of Smart Phones in learning communication skills

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Head of the Department
Dr. N. Ch. Jaya Rao
Associate Professor
HOD, Department of AI & DS
Qualification: M. Tech, Ph.D
Cell: 8008207088